Welcome to Dr. Brian J. Marien's office!

Brian J. Marien, MD, LLC is located at 540 Pierce Street in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide outstanding surgical care with the assistance of our knowledgeable, caring and dedicated staff who strive to meet your health care needs at all times.

We provide a wide range of both inpatient and outpatient vascular and general surgery procedures. Most patients find us because their primary physicians recommended our practice. Doctors refer their patients because of Dr. Marien’s experience and depth of expertise in many surgical procedures.

We accept most all insurance plans. In the event that we are not a participating provider with your particular insurance plan, we can still provide care for you as an “out-of-network” physician and negotiate payment for services rendered.

The entire process from your initial consultation to complete recovery is our exclusive focus for the successful treatment of your surgical issue.